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Dame is designed to help you build your wardrobe so you can build your life. We make elevated yet wearable pieces for the everyday woman. Strong women inspire our clothing line. We believe you should have a core collection of strong wardrobe staples, so it's easy to get dressed everyday. More than just being an online boutique, we will give you the tools to make any outfit look like you have a stylist on hand. So you can feel good about what you're wearing, everything we use from the clothes, to the labels and packaging are all sustainable. Available only at

Los Angeles born best friends, now sister in laws. Alexx Jae Monkarsh and Molly Fishkin Levin. Molly being one of the top stylist and personal shoppers for over a decade, and Alexx working in the fashion industry for an over decade, they had a vision to make the best online shopping experience. But they couldn’t do it alone. They enlisted other family members Tori Monkarsh a master in production and Josh Monkarsh Alexx’s husband Los Angeles entrepreneur. To finish it off Wells Butler a true veteran of the industry. Together their mission was clear.

Keeping with our sustainable mission. We use a majority of deadstock: the residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses. Instead of ending up in landfill, these fabrics are repurposed for our collection. We also take silk straps that are going to be thrown away. Only to find its beauty and make it one amazing fabric. Our factory is on the forefront of being green. Down to how we package the clothes, everything we send you can be reused, and we will always give you ideas how to do so.

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The Dame Girls